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Blood Transfusion: Risk of Infection and Precaution




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This course aims to define and explain blood transfusion, types, outbreak, risks associated with blood transfusion, and the precautions. During the last years, TRALI, HTRs, and TAS preventive measures has been implemented in the United States, and the possibility of new emerging agents in the future keeps the motive of updating blood transfusion guidelines and systems worldwide.

| Learning objectives

  • Define blood transfusion

  • Explain the need of blood transfusion

  • Explain the types of blood transfusion

  • Identify the risk of blood transfusion

  • Discuss Outbreak and Worldwide studies

  • Identify the Precautions of blood transfusion

| Course will cover

  • Blood Transfusion implications on health

  • When it is needed and the types of blood transfusion

  • Infectious risks associated with blood transfusion

  • Preventative steps and protocols

| Who should attend

Specializations: Accident and Emergency medicine, Allergy and Immunology, Central Sterile Service, Critical Care Medicine, Clinical Support, Nurse, Pathology, Medical Practitioner, Specialty Physician, Surgery

Feb 20, 2019

16:00 to 22:20

MBZ City, Prestige Tower 17, 11th Floor | Abu Dhabi


Mr. Sultan Hamadan Alsakran


Master’s degree in biomedical science