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Clinical Pharmacy


7.5 CME


| Over View

This course will discuss three main topics: Drug Distribution, Clinical Pharmacy, and Pharmaceutical care to explain how each step contribute to the next in order to provide holistic pharmaceutical services. Through explaining the updates in Pharmaceutical care, goals, pillars, problems and evaluation, this program will provide a chain of processes ending with the steps needed to build an effective patient record and developing therapeutic plan.​​

| Learning objectives

  • Define Clinical Pharmacy and the basic role of hospital pharmacist

  • Explain the scope and basic role of clinical pharmacist

  • Define clinical pharmacy activities 

  • Explain the concept of pharmaceutical care

| Course will cover

  • Pharmacy Vs Clinical Pharmacy

  • Basic role of hospital pharmacist

  • Scope of clinical pharmacy practice

  • Basic role of clinical pharmacist

  • Clinical pharmacy activities

  • Prescription evaluation

  • The new role of community pharmacists

  • Concept of Pharmaceutical care

  • Barriers facing pharmacists in implementing the pharmaceutical care

  • Physical resources necessary to deliver pharmaceutical care

  • Basis of drug-related problems

  • Standard format that should be followed in writing the patient record

| Who should attend

Healthcare staff specialized in: Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy, Emergency Medicine, Allergy and Immunology, Toxicology, Clinical Support, Clinical Scientists

Feb 22-23, 2019

17:00 to 22:10

MBZ City, Prestige Tower 17, 11th Floor | Abu Dhabi


Dr. Ibrahim Khalid Rayes


Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacy