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Effective Communication skills for clinical staff




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The Developing your communication skills can affect all aspects of your life, from your personal life to social gathering and everything in between. The ability to communicate information accurately, clearly and as intended is a vital skill and something that should not be overlooked. It is never too late to work on your communication skills and by doing so improve your quality of life.

| Learning objectives

This course is designed to improve knowledge, skills and attitudes of health care providers toward effective communication. Learning outcomes aims:

  • Improved patient care and satisfaction

  • Increased patient adherence and self-management

  • Increased team and professional job satisfaction

  • Reduction in medical error and liability risk

| Course will cover

  • Basic Communication Process

  • Factors that Influence Communication

  • Communication Model

  • Patient/Family Centered Communication

  • Communication to build trust – Johari window

  • Difficult client and difficult questions

  • Patient Empowerment

  • Getting buy in to an action plan

  • Communication with anxious and depressed clients

  • Managing Denial

  • Breaking bad news (Sensitive issues)

  • Dealing with conflict

  • Handling mistakes and complaint

  • Handling emotions (Angry clients)

  • Risks and uncertainty

  • Shared decision Making

  • Informed consent

  • Patient education (Specific clinical contexts)

  • Health promotion and behavior change

  • Challenging colleagues

| Who should attend

Doctors and Dentists (Healthcare providers)

Feb 22-23, 2019

08:00 to 14:55

MBZ City, Prestige Tower 17, 11th Floor | Abu Dhabi


Dr. Ebtihal Ahmad Darwish


Consultant Family Physician Associate professor DMC General Manager, Ethraa for Consultation and Training