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Smart Healthcare Quality Tools and methodologies


10 CME


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The modern healthcare practice meet lots of challenges and necessitates a focus on performance excellence and complete safety practices. Different approaches and tools have been identified and implemented. Still there are ongoing debates on which to adopt and which to execute. This workshop is focusing on Healthcare Quality Tools and Methodologies and the strategy that could be used to achieve the modern performance indicators such as positive quality, safety, efficiency and client satisfaction.

| Learning objectives

  1. Illustrate the different quality definitions and dimensions
  2. Identify the famous quality guru and their contribution to quality
  3. Explain learn idea generating quality tools
  4. Explain know how to short list big number of ideas
  5. Recognize how to prioritize one or two ideas among a list
  6. Practice how to formulate a team to tackle a problem
  7. Identify how to build data collection sheet
  8. Explain how to identify the main cause that is responsible for most of the problem
  9. Explain how to reach to the root cause of a problem
  10. Explain and Identify how to plan for a solution
  11. Identify how to organize the working space
  12. Identify the different types of waste in healthcare
  13. Identify principles of Lean and Six Sigma
  14. Identify how to develop efficient operation

| Course will cover

  1. Quality Concepts and Different Quality Definitions
  2. Quality dimensions in healthcare, service and manufacturing business
  3. Famous Quality Guru and their contribution to Quality & Identify the seven Basic Quality Tools
  4. Idea Generating and shorting listing Quality Tools: Brain Storming, Nominal Group Technique and Affinity Diagram
  5. Prioritizing Quality Tools: Multi-voting and Prioritization matrix
  6. Process Identification and Team forming tool: Flow Chart
  7. Root cause Analysis: Fish Bone and The Five Whys
  8. Data Collection and Prioritization Tool: Check Sheet, Pareto Diagram and Scattered Diagram
  9. Planning Tool: Tree Diagram
  10. How to write a Quality Plan
  11. How to develop Performance indicator
  12. PDCA/PDSA Quality improvement Methodology
  13. Case Study on Application of FOCUS PDCA
  14. LEAN Methodology and identify the eight waste in healthcare and how to prevent them
  15. Principles of Six Sigma
  16. The organizing quality tool: Five S in Healthcare
  17. How to be efficient business using Just in Time (JIT)

| Who should attend

  1. All healthcare practitioners and professionals including: doctors, surgeons, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, technicians, and healthcare allied services
  2. Healthcare Managers and Leaders
  3. Head of Departments
  4. Quality leaders and Accreditation teams
  5. Infection Prevention and Control Committees
  6. Facility Management and Safety Officers

Sep 20-21, 2019

14:00 to 21:20

MBZ City, Prestige Tower 17, 11th Floor | Abu Dhabi


Dr. Abdulla M. A. Ibrahim


Medical Doctor, Healthcare Surveyor, Accreditation Specialist