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The Truth Behind Pandemic


8.50 CME


| Over View

“Truth behind pandemic” program is aiming to provide recent updates regarding the factors that contribute in outbreaks and pandemics. It takes one a chain explaining the terminology, WHO alert phases, etiology, emerging infectious diseases, the difference between Epidemic and Pandemic, and the management and prevention of pandemics.

This program will go in details in explaining each pandemic, classifications, Genomic classification laboratory diagnosis, current researches, and future targets in challenging pandemics.

| Learning objectives

  • Explain the most common diseases and related mortality and morbidity.
  • Define an overview on the factors that contribute in initiating outbreaks and pandemics.
  • Analyze epidemics that caused human crises
  • Explain the WHO Alerts levels for global warning of epidemic and pandemic infections
  • Discuss the best methods and practices to contain any new outbreaks

| Course will cover

  • Global Infection diseases outbreaks
  • Epidemic to pandemic
  • Factors contributing to Pandemics
  • Emerging infection diseases
  • Epidemic and Pandemic throughout time

| Who should attend

Physicians, Medical practitioners, Nurses, Emergency medicine staff, Medical laboratory, Medical imaging, Pathology, Occupational medicine

Nov 01-02, 2019

14:00 to 21:10

MBZ City, Prestige Tower 17, 11th Floor | Abu Dhabi


Dr. Suaad Aljaberi


Molecular epidemiologist
Infection diseases specialist
International professional trainer



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