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Wound care - step one


10 CME


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The above program consists of a comprehensive explanation of the care of incurable wounds in theoretical and practical detail on a daily basis divided throughout the day and for 4 days intensive for each step. The program introduces the latest technology of equipment and concludes the program with a practical and theoretical examination in which applicants are assessed. The program is a strong foundation for those wishing to supplement in the future to a master's or doctorate. The course materials were prepared and revised on the basis of the new standards and protocols for wound specialization for the year 2017-2018 for the latest guidelines from UK and Germany.

| Learning objectives

  • Prepare a group of medical staff capable of dealing with chronic wounds according to guidelines
  • Develop protocols and standards for handling wounds based on international standards and follow developments in this area annually.
  • Contribute to the establishment of a unit dealing with wounds and equipped with the latest treatments.
  • Perform diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of incurable wounds by applicants.
  • The specialty of wounds is a new specialization on the region.
  • This program provides the basis for modernizing the specialization and how to transfer scientific research in this field to a practical application that contributes to reducing. patient suffering and raising the medical skill and quality in the work of the practical doctors and nurses.

| Course will cover

At the end of the program applicants will be able to recognize:

  • The importance of specialty wounds and branches specialized in chronic wounds and regenerative medicine and related technology and treatment of scars of the body.
  • History of the science of wounds and scars and its beginnings.
  • A full explanation of the structure of the anatomical skin, its function, importance, ways of care in the cases of various diseases and the changes that accompany these diseases.
  • Definition of the wounds, their types, causes, division and comparison of the characteristics of each species.
  • How to identify, treat and evaluate pain associated with wounds
  • Methods of wound assessment and the basis for recording and recording disease information.
  • Assessment of the patient's mental, psychological, environmental and social condition.
  • Types and methods of processing the wound and sterilized by modern technology

| Who should attend

Physicians and Nursing. Especially in the fields of general surgery, plastic surgery, vascular surgery, orthopedics, emergency medicine, family medicine, doctors and new graduates who wish to enroll in this specialty. And general medicine.

March 15-16, 2019

08:00 to 15:15

MBZ City, Prestige Tower 17, 11th Floor | Abu Dhabi


Dr. Raed Farahat


Plastic Surgery Specialist and Head of Laser Unit,
hyperbaric unit and Phototherapy