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Join your colleagues at Infection Prevention and Control conference to learn about the latest research and science and to discover real-world solutions to challenging infection prevention issues. Infection Prevention and Control Conference is the premier forum for infection prevention and epidemiology professionals Infection control is required to prevent the transmission of communicable diseases in all health care settings. Infection control demands a basic understanding of the epidemiology of diseases; risk factors that increase patient susceptibility to infection; and the practices, procedures and treatments that may result in infections. the risk of acquiring a healthcare-associated infection is related to the mode of transmission of the infectious agent (e.g. CRE, CDI, MRSA, SSI, etc.) and the type of patient-care activity or procedure being performed and the underlying patient’s host defences This conference will focus on Antibiotic resistance organism from local perspective and how we can activate Antibiotic Stewardship program at each organization The conference will discuss the Impact of Pay for Quality program from Department of health Abu Dhabi and how organization can avoid penalities.

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The conference features 2 days of cutting-edge educational sessions and You can also earn valuable CME contact hours.

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Stay ahead of industry hot topics and discuss how to prevent problems before they become unmanageable. You’ll find plenaries, sessions, and abstract presentations on critical issues like multidrug-resistant organisms, HAIs, and safe injection practices


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The professional development doesn’t stop at the end of the conference. Every attendee receives a copy of the standard conference proceedings, which includes all the educational sessions synced with presentation slides so that you can go back and catch up on what you missed and share contents with the rest of your team

April 13-14, 2018

08:00 to 18:00


Friendly Young Doctor

Mr. Alaa Mohammad Ahmed


Infection Prevention and Control Expert

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Pathologists -Microbiologists -Infectious Disease Consultants -Infection Control Nurses-Nurses -Patient Safety Managers -Intensivists Internists -Medical Technologists-Medical Laboratory -Supervisors Clinical Scientists -Laboratory Technologists -Epidemiologists-Internal Medicine -Consultants Infection Control Personnel -General Practitioners-Clinical Pharmacists


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