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Dr. Ibrahim Khalid Rayes

Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacy

Dr. Ibrahim Khalid Rayes is a dedicated and qualified academic lecturer and professional trainer with great experience in some of the reputed educational organizations in UAE. He is a Self-motivated person with excellent interpersonal skills and ability to deal with cross-cultural communications, combined with strong business acumen and believes in excellence in consistently meeting its noble objectives and exceeding standards of education. He is Pragmatic, flexible and hardworking academic person with more than 15 years solid experience in some of the most reputed educational organizations among the UAE. Ibrahim is a PhD in pharmacy practice and also a MBA from Wollongong University, Dubai. He is now pursuing a full-time career in training and teaching in universities and professional training centres with a view to blend his practical experience with a theoretical base and deliver a complete learning experience to students and professionals.

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