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Dr. Lyssette L. Cardona

Chief of the Infectious Diseases and Occupational Health Departments at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Lyssette L. Cardona, MD, is Chief of the Infectious Diseases and Occupational Health Departments in the Medical Subspecialties Institute at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Cardona previously served in the Department of Infectious Diseases at Cleveland Clinic, Florida, US. During her tenure there,

Dr. Cardona was very active in the development of infection control policies and procedures, quality and safety protocols and risk management. She also served as Chairperson of the Department from 2008 to 2014. Prior to this, Dr. Cardona spent 12 years practicing Infectious Diseases Medicine in Los Angeles, California, US. She later relocated to Weston, Florida, US to continue as a partner in a two-person Infectious Diseases practice.

During that time Dr. Cardona provided outpatient and inpatient consultative services as a solo practitioner and partner. She was involved in the development and oversight of several outpatient clinical research protocols, the development of an outpatient travel medicine clinic and the oversight, as Director, of an immunosuppressed inpatient care unit. While in Florida,

Dr. Cardona also served in various capacities by leading the Continued Medical Education (CME), employee health and several patient safety and quality initiatives, focusing on addressing hospital acquired infections and prevention strategies.

She currently serves as member of the Infectious Diseases of America (IDSA) Quality Taskforce working on Staphylococcus aureus and C. difficile metrics for best practices.

Dr. Cardona has lectured nationally and internationally as a recognized expert in various infectious diseases related topics, including occupational health. Dr. Cardona’s other specialty interests include travel medicine and advice, outpatient intravenous antimicrobial therapy, general preventive medicine and vaccinepreventable diseases, women’s health, risk management and quality as it applies to health.

Dr. Cardona is originally from Puerto Rico. She received her medical degree from the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine in Rio Piedras, before completing her postgraduate training for Internal Medicine in New Orleans, Louisiana, including the subspecialty of Infectious Diseases. In addition, she completed her Masters in Public Health (MPH) in Infectious Diseases Epidemiology at Tulane School of Public Health, New Orleans, Louisiana, US and Health Administration at Barry University in Miami, Florida, US

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