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Dr. Mohammad A. Baloch

Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery

Dr Mohammad Baloch is a graduate of medicine and surgery, with a high-score distinction in the subject of Community Medicine. After his clinical trainings he opted to enhance his career with mastering the concepts of Health Management and joined leading Insurance-TPA service company in Dubai. With the quest to expanding the horizons for seeking knowledge he continued with the leading public payer.

With the career start in Insurance Medicine, he has witnessed the transform of the health insurance industry in all of the UAE, with him working on complex informatics projects.

Dr Baloch is a post graduate in Healthcare Management Systems (College of Physicians and Surgeons) and a Fellow of Management and Strategy Institute – USA. He is active member of American Academy of Professional Coders and American Medical Billing Association. Clinically he has made himself ready to sit for the upcoming American Board exams in Aesthetics in 2018.

Completing his medical and billing certifications he further enhanced his working knowledge on medical revenue cycle systems, health analytics, health policy making and Insurance Medicine. Dr Baloch has pioneered his name in the Medical Coding industry by being one of the five official members of AAPC to launch the FIRST Middle East chapter of the Academy.

His training courses nearly covers all aspects of the Business side of Medicine with international training for certification exam preparation and market specific standards for optimal performance in middle east health industry. Having good knowledge transfer training skills, with Clinical and Non-Clinical healthcare professionals, Dr Baloch has trained doctors, nurses, administrative Staff, medical coders and billers.


  • Put the expertise of internationally learned insurance medicine concepts into the local health market

  • Improve the clinical documentation and train health professionals with the best-known knowledge

  • To build transparency in the healthcare system and prevent over utilization of the financing system

  • To bring international certification training to the reach of every health care professional in the region

  • Train healthcare professionals into future healthcare leaders



Lecturer and Speaker at:


  1. Diagnosis Coding: Using the ICD-10-CM ‘The know-how of the coding system’

  2. Regulator Standards for Coding. (Diagnosis, CPT4 and DRG)

  3. Data Certification Requirement by Regulator. ‘JAWDA’

  4. ICD-10-CM Coding for General Practitioners

  5. ICD-10-CM Coding for Specialists and Consultants

  6. Clinical Documentation Improvement ‘Write it the right way’

  7. CPT4: Medical Services/ Procedure Coding

  8. Denial Management ‘I did it, but I am not paid. WHY?’

  9. Advanced Clinical Coding (Based on Specialty)

  10. Conflict management on medical diagnosis coding/ reporting

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