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Dr. Suaad Al Jaberi MSc,PhD

Molecular epidemiologist Infection diseases specialist International professional trainer

Outstanding expertise in the Microbiology Field with excellent organizing and management skills, and a passion for learning and research. Holds high degree; Doctorate degree in Infection Disease and Tropical Medicine from London University. Manages and controls high responsibilities in Abu Dhabi police Medical Services as the Head of Infection Control beside actively presenting as an official speaker and lecturer in various healthcare conferences and congresses regarding microbiology-related issues or health information management.


  1. To engage 20 years of work experience and learning outcomes with team members, and attendees of my lectures and training sessions

  2. To continue researching in the healthcare field with an end goal of encouraging a specialized research center dealing with healthcare data, quality, and improving projects

  3. To spread the importance of Microbiology field and expertise, and its whole impact on lifestyle and care choices among healthcare professionals, team members, and the public

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