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Dr.Iyaad M Hasan

DNP, CNP | Director of Advaned Practice , Tobacco Cessation Specialist Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Dr Iyaad Hassan, a certified tobacco cessation specialist, who have PhD in nursing.

His experience in tobacco cessation is back to 2007. He was the first who initiated and developed new tobacco treatment centre at Cleveland clinic in Ohio, United States. He was daily directing 62 comprehensive tobacco treatment clinics designed to meet the needs of the community served by the Cleveland clinic and the Cleveland area. In 2016 Dr. Iyaad joined Cleveland clinic in Abu Dhabi where he is acting as Director of the Tobacco Cessation Program. He is consider first nurse practitioner in UAE who introduce advance practice in tobacco cessation to health Authority. Dr.Iyaad have many research publication focusing on tobacco cessation and public health.

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