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Rajaa Assaad Hammoud

Over 30 years experience in health care Expertise in Nursing Management, Hospital Executive Management and Quality Management

High-performing Executive with 30 years of Healthcare experience, quality management and nursing executive professional; possess exceptional organizational leadership, program development, policymaking and strategic planning skills. In-depth knowledge of Healthcare operations at all levels. Skilled analytical problem-solver with the ability to translate regulatory requirements into achievable, measurable programmatic activities and tasks. Highly skilled in re-engineering processes improving quality and compliance in health care; Holds Master’s degree with a focus in Quality and Health Systems Management. Extensive experience in working with multi-disciplinary, community and government groups and organizations, national regulations, and professional accreditation standards. Demonstrated proficiency in developing departmental organizational structure, recruitment of healthcare professionals, staffing, training and development, budgeting and program management. Proven ability to motivate and work effectively with persons from other cultures and all walks of life. Highly motivated and dedicated professionally.  

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