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Message from NAT founder

It is an honor to welcome you to Nahdat Al Tamyuz (NAT). We are confident in our future and are strongly committed to our mission "to provide and maintain outstanding professional training services". Receiving cutting edge professional training is the dream of healthcare professionals everywhere, we are here to make that dream come true. UAE healthcare is embarking on ambitious new developments and significant healthcare diversification. This center is crafted specially with you in mind to share our expertise for a better healthcare education. NAT invite you to explore the website and I am confident that as you do, you will discover what a very special place this center is taking.

About NAT

Nahdat Al Tamayuz (NAT) is an organization dedicated to improving Patient Care and Safety through Healthcare Professional training and development. Located on the beautiful island of Abu Dhabi, NAT promises a healthier tomorrow for the communities it serves. Every member of our team desires to see healthcare education elevated to new levels. This means that we are accountable to those we serve. We demonstrate integrity throughout every aspect of our organization and maintain a position of transparency with the people we serve. The faculty, founded and lead by Dr. Suaad Aljaberi, consists of highly motivated professionals and dedicated Medical Trainers and speakers whose credentials cover a wide array of knowledge and skills.

Objectives |

To forthrightly deliver, on a monthly basis, key information on emerging healthcare topics, technologies, and healthcare data analytics with full professional and ethical integrity.

Priority |

NAT priority is to offer the highest quality healthcare training courses, workshops, and seminars and to become the first choice for Healthcare staff development and continuous medical education in the Arab region. 

value |

Team work, Commitment, Creativity & Innovation, Motivation, Integrity, 

Professionalism, Compassion

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