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Certified Dental Assistant Training Program



  • Successful career as a competent chairside dental assistant.

  • Work in both the clinic and administrative areas of the field.

  • Clear understanding of duties and responsibilities of a dental assistant in dental office/clinic.

  • Train the student with little or no prior experience in the field.

  • Provide training to become a competent dental assistants that significantly increase the efficiency levels of the dentist and contribute to the overall success of the clinic.

  • Provides the student with the knowledge and hands-on practice in working along with a dentist in delivering care to the patient. A clear understanding of duties and responsibilities in dental office or clinic.


  • The systematic collection of diagnostic patient related data.

  • Assist with and/or perform extra/intra oral examinations.

  • Dental charting

  • Exposing Dental Radiographs.

  • Sterilization procedures.

  • Advanced Dental Infection Control.

  • Advanced Dental Coding

  • Prepare tray set-ups.

  • Provide assistance during various dental treatment procedures.

  • Prepare and dismiss patients

  • Provide patient preventive education and oral hygiene instruction

  • Provide pre-and post-operative instructions prescribed by a dentist

  • Maintain accurate patient treatment records

  • Maintain treatment area

  • Assist in the management of medical and dental emergencies

  • Manipulate dental materials.

  • Preparatory training for Dental Assistant Licensing Exam.


  1. Dentists (BDS/DMD/ DDS)

  2. Dental Nurses/Assistants

  3. Registered Nurses

  4. Practical Nurses.

  5. Assistant Nurses.


This course does not replace the health authority licensing exam.This is a preparatory course and hands on training for nurses with/without dental knowledge and experience, who wish to work in UAE as Certified Dental Assistants and who are willing to attend DOH/MOH/DHA Dental Assistant Licensing Exam. Successful completion of course makes you eligible for attaining Certificate from NAT.

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