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Nahadat Al Tamayuz (NAT) can prepare your business or organization to deal with expanding markets, increasing global competition, rising customer expectations, advanced technologies, increasing digitization— every change in the market affects how a company operates and performs, often dramatically. NAT will ensure you're ready to deal with any potential or unforeseen obstacles.

Business Meeting


  • To develop a strategic plan for a healthcare organization in accordance with its main goals, vision, and mission.

  • To deter the company from making business mistakes or to remedy past issues.

  • To share expertise, give advice, and guide healthcare organizations to make business decisions that promote growth and benefit their customers and patients.


Strategic Planning

  • Identify your customers and their needs.

  • Clarify the mission and vision statements and correlate it Abu Dhabi 2030 vision.

  • Identify your current situation and your goals.

  • Agree on priorities and create/implement the plan together.

  • Distribute tasks and assign action.

Performance measurement

  • Establish the current state of performance.

  • Set performance targets for continuous improvement parallel with Muashir platform of DOH

  • Measure and report improvements over time.

  • Evaluate staff performance based on comparative data.

  • Compare performance across departments and locations.

  • Benchmark performance against regional and international peers.

Accreditation & Audit

Compliance with accreditation requirements puts pressure on the organization. The NAT team provides services and resources that help you stay on top of the constant changes coming from healthcare accreditation organizations and even be ready for the unannounced visits.

The first step is educating and training your team on the standards and survey process

  • Gap Analysis

  • Mock Surveys

  • Performance Indicators

  • System Improvement

  • Document Management

Post-Accreditation service:

In order to sustain the high levels of patient safety and clinical performance required for accreditation, NAT provides you with a regular educational webinar, monthly meeting and planned regular internal audit and will provide you with full report and a corrective action plan.

Risk Management 

We believe that a strong risk management program is capable of reducing patient harm, improving quality of care and patient satisfaction, and protecting organizations from liability exposure. 

We can:

  • Increase awareness of potential safety and risk issues assist in prioritizing action items, and assist in charge personnel to use risk management tools, e.g., FMEA, Risk Register,  SWOT analysis, historical data analysis, root-cause analysis.

  • Examine the efficiency, profits and structure of the organization, then offer suggestions on methods of improvement. 

  • Identify problems by analyzing the existing data available related to the problem, and find methods of saving money or improving work efficiency.

  • Maximize the organization and efficiency of healthcare-related companies.

  • Spend 50% of client time at their sites providing advice and expertise to help their teams improve performance.

  • We collect information on the client's operations and develop a needs assessment and assist them with implementation and execution, depending on client request.

  • Submit a report in writing to the client. Additionally, an spoken conversation/meeting may occur between us and  the client where the findings are discussed openly.