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CEO Bridge to Success Group


March 23, 2022


The United Nations General Assembly adopted the sustainable development goals agenda in 2015, to be achieved by the year 2030. As the globalization of economies, societies, and cultures continues, and nations become more integrated through networks of exchange, international business development and global strategic management continues to evolve. In order to achieve sustainable global development, business professionals often must find ways of adapting to the cultures and societies within which they operate and conduct business.

UAE has adopted all the goals and proceed with it since it has been sated.
As the Achievements of the past few year has proven it, UAE had become one of the lead countries that attract business professionals to achieve and grow their business. All sectors of UAE government are creating partnership and collaborations with international institutes and providers who are professional and experienced.

Here comes the goal of this congress and partnered with The Bridge to Success Group (BTS), a strategic partner who collaborate with us to search and draw attention to the best projects, promising projects, and investment opportunities. There will be exchange of new trends of developments specially in Healthcare and digitalization, Sustainability and Real-estate, Data development and block chains. There will be introduction of our speakers who are professionals with knowledge of the legalities of strategic relationships, licensing, partnering, intellectual property and emerging technologies. There will be exchange of experiences specially in the past 2 years - emerging of a pandemic – where new vision has been created, more strategies have been sated and future developments have been planned.


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H.E. Purevsuren Lundeg

Prior to his appointment as Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Mongolia to the UN Office

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Mr. Jochen Huter

Laboratory Physician. Founder of INVITACARE & INVITALAB, Germany

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Dario Leko

CEO Synocura Healthcare Holding GmbH Trade and logistics in the healthcare market, Entrepremeur with a hands-on mentality and a strong commitment to liability, Germany

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Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Schwäble

Director of Research at University of Cambridge,
Chair of Immunology/Royal Society Wolfson Research, Merit Award Holder.

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Mr. Christopher Mbanefo

Founder at the OXI-ZEN Program, aglobal team of expert working on solutions of converting CO2 into O2. CEO of YASAVA Solutions, Switzerland

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Colonel\ Dr. Suaad Aljaberi , Phd

Molecular epidemiologist, microbiologest, infection diseases specialist, International profissional trainer, UAE

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Prof. Dr. Andreas Furrer LL.M.

Head of the legal department of Zenotta Group; Professor of Law at the University of Lucerne (CH), Germany

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John Bright

Founder and CEO at Med Claims Complaince Corp. Product management, Marketing, sales, extensive experience in healthcare sector. EHR system design and development.

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Mrs. Bayartuul Lundeg

Advisor to Prime Minister of Mangolia. Project lead. Maidar Eco City Planning Council.

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Dr. Nicolas Krämer

Award-winning Author and Supervisory Board Member of the Invitacare Group, Germany

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Prof. Farhang Maghdeed

Blockchain Technology Architect, Islamic Finance & digital Transformation Expert. Innovate the SukukChain Standard. Researcher & Speaker in Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology & Security Token Offering


Prof. Mazin Gadir

Strategy & Organizational Transformation Advisor | Digital Health and Innovation Export

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Stefan Weber

Consultant microbiologist at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City in Abu Dhabi. His research interests are Clinical Microbiology, Antibiotic Stewardship, Infection Control.


  • One full day congress to make overview of ongoing developments Healthcare and health informatics

  • Government digitalization

  • Real-estate and sustainability goal achievements

  • Experience exchange and networking


  • Healthcare, sustainability experts, and all who are intrested

Exchange of Excellence in Health and Sustainability

Join us for free | Onsite Registration Only


March 23, 2022


07:30 to 18:30


Millennium Al Rawdah Hotel | Abu Dhabi

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