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Course Duration

2 Days

Total Credits

7.25 CME


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Abu Dhabi


Hazard material Awareness

Hospital emergency department personnel face many risks and difficult tasks when dealing with patients involved in hazardous materials incidents. Therefore, it is essential that all personnel who come in contact with patients have a general awareness of the issues and concerns when dealing with hazardous materials incidents. This course is designed to prepare hospital personnel to analyze hazardous materials situations, take the necessary steps to assure medical provider safety, and identify appropriate resources for decontamination and medical care. However, additional training is required in order to diagnose and treat patients who have been involved in hazardous materials incidents.

Learning objectives

  • to raise their awareness of hazardous and dangerous substances, goods, materials

  • determine such types of goods, materials or items that may be hazardous to ones health

  • Proper handling of hazardous goods

Course will cover

  • Methods of Compliance

  • Biohazard Precautions

  • Personal Protective Equipment: Purpose and Types

  • Risk Assesments

Who should attend

All Hospital Staff


Mr. Heath Warburton, CAS


certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist

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