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Healthcare Quality Management Concepts and Tools

November 11-12, 2022 | AED 500

10 CME



The modern healthcare practice meets lots of challenges and necessitates a focus on performance excellence and complete safety practices. Different approaches and tools have been identified and implemented. Still, there are ongoing debates on which to adopt and which to execute. This workshop is focusing on Healthcare Quality Methodologies and Tools and the strategy that could be used to achieve modern performance indicators such as positive quality, safety, efficiency, and client satisfaction.


  • Quality Definitions & Dimensions in Manufacture, Services, and Healthcare

  • Cost of Quality: Invest in Good Performance and Cost of Poor Performance

  • Idea Generating Quality Tools: (Principles of Brain Storming, Nominal Group Technique NGT, Affinity Diagram

  • Prioritization Tools: Multi-Voting, Prioritization matrix, Pareto Diagram

  • Root Cause Analysis Tools (Ishikawa Fish Bone and the 5 Whys)

  • Quality Planning Tools: Planning Tree, Planning Grid

  • Quality Methodologies: PDCA, The 5S,

  • Quality Project Case-Study applying FOCUS PDCA

  • Key Performance Indicators in Healthcare

  • How to Write a Quality Plan

  • Healthcare Accreditation Standard Format, Pathway & Strategies

  • Lean application in Healthcare

  • Team communication in Healthcare


All Healthcare staff including medical and non-medical.

By attending this workshop both organization and participant will gain the following values:

  • Gaining Value for Organization

  • Positive Reputation

  • client Trust

  • Client satisfaction

  • Improve business safety practices

  • Avoid preventable claim

  • Gaining Value for participants

  • Be a Risk Management, Safety and/or quality champion

  • Do no harm

  • Practice with self confidence

  • Avoid preventable error

Healthcare Quality Management Concepts and Tools

November 11-12, 2022


Healthcare Quality Management Concepts and Tools


November 11-12, 2022



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