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Course Duration

1 Day | Feb 28, 2020 | 16:00 to 21:00


Course Fees

260 AED


Abu Dhabi


Infectious diseases: Safety precautions, Health, & Wellbeing

From time to time we hear about new types of Infectious diseases that we have not heard about before. According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, pneumonia is the third largest cause of death in the world, after stroke and heart diseases. The most infectious diseases that cause death are digestive system related diseases, pneumonia, and AIDS. Prevention of these diseases is easy and does not require specific procedures or is it limited to the medical staff only, however, epidemic diseases that spread quickly and in a short time need cooperation between all parts of society and departments to prevent their spread and ensure immediate treatment for the patients.

The basis for prevention begins with the individual, so if the individual has sufficient awareness about the microbes that cause infectious diseases and how to distinguish the affected person and know the symptoms associated with the disease, it will aid the medical staff to take the appropriate action as soon as possible, in addition to taking the necessary measures to prevent infections and limiting the spread and exacerbation of the disease in the community.


  • Spread health awareness and knowledge in society

  • Enable people to define their health problems and needs

  • Build safety & health trends

  • Establish health preserving practices and behaviours

  • Improve quality of life and health at two levels: individual & community Reduce the possibility of spreading infectious diseases


  • Shed light on infectious diseases (effects, factors, history, discovery, environment, ..)

  • Pathogenic and infectious microbes (types, transmission, detection, identification of appropriate medications)

  • Prevention and safety of infection (daily habits, recognition of infection status, methods and tools of prevention, vaccination)

Target group

  • All workers in the health sector

  • Available to the general public interested in acquiring the knowledge necessary to prevent infectious diseases


Dr. Suaad Aljaberi


Molecular epidemiologist
Infection diseases specialist
International professional trainer

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