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Medical Error Management

November 4, 2022 | AED 500

10 CME



Hundreds of thousands of patients are harmed or die each year due to unsafe practices in healthcare organizations. Unexpectedly, such unsafe healthcare practices have shifted up medical error to be the third leading cause of death in the USA (251,454 patients die in hospitals each year) as per a published literature review in the BMJ in May 2016. Globally it is believed that medical errors kill more people than HIV, Malaria, and Tuberculosis, combined as stated by the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, USA.

This Medical Error Management Workshop is tailored to build strategies that identify, prevent and mitigate medical errors and work with consequences. Participants will learn how to cultivate patient safety culture in the healthcare organization, works toward excellence and finally know the current legislation in Bahrain on medical error including the NHRA Policy for Reporting Sentinel Event and the Supreme Council of Health Decision Number 95 for the year 2019 regarding investigation and notification of Medical Errors and Sentinel events.


Attendees of the Medical Errors Management Workshop will learn how to:

  1. Know the epidemiology of medical error and the research behind it

  2. Identify definitions, types, causes, and common venues of medical errors

  3. Learn the NHRA Incident/Adverse Event Reporting Policy V2, 2nd January 2018

  4. Learn the Supreme Council of Health Decision 95 for the year 2019 regarding investigation and notification of Medical Errors and Sentinel events

  5. Be familiar with the Sentinel Event Report Form

  6. Use Root Cause Analysis Tools to identify root causes of medical error

  7. Learn the strategy to prevent, mitigate and treat medical error by applying the 18 Patient Safety Targets of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

  8. Identify the common types of medication errors and how to prevent them

  9. Identify the different types of surgical errors and learn how to prevent them

  10. Identify different types of communication errors and learn how to prevent them

  11. Learn how to manage the first victim, patient, and family, and the principles of disclosure technique

  12. Learn principles of second victim management


This activity is designated for ALL HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS and Medical and Nursing Students.

By attending this workshop both organization and participant will gain the following values:

  • Gaining Value for Organization

  • Avoid preventable claim

  • Positive Reputation

  • Client Trust

  • Client satisfaction

  • Improve business safety practices

  • Gaining Value for participants

  • Avoid Preventable Errors

  • Be a Risk Management, Safety, and/or quality champion

  • Do no harm

  • Practice with self-confidence

Medical Error Management

November 4, 2022


Medical Error Management


November 4, 2022



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