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Installment Payment Plan

Our flexible payment plan lets you pay for your courses in installments and focus on your learning. You can devide the cost over monthly payments and all courses methods are covered.

What are the benefits?

No interest or additional fees

Devide the cost of your course over monthly payments

You can still apply for any offers or discounts​

Filling Out a Form

How does it work?




Fill in the form below to enquire

Check and sign the 'Installment Payment Plan' form that sent to your email

Send your form back and we will get the first payment and the cheques

You are eligible if you

UAE citizen or resident

Applying for Certified Board Courses or CME Courses

Your course cost is over 1000 AED

Paying for the course yourself

Study Group

Payment Plan details

You can choose a course from Certified Board Courses or CME Courses, providing that the total cost is a minimum of 1000 AED (after discounts). Any available discounts can be applied according to the terms and conditions of the discount.

For any courses, fees can be paid in equal monthly installments up to a maximum of two months. The final payments will be continued even after the course ends, but the certificate will be sent after all payments have been made.

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