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Course Details

Course Duration

2 Days


Course Fees

700 AED


Abu Dhabi


The Science of Self and Brain Control

The course is covering the science of self-control in a medical psychological and social way & providing all the new researches behind it.


  1. How to control and overcome the enemy within.

  2. Mental mastery by maximizing your brain performance.

  3. To reduce bad addictive and self-destructive behaviors (Alcohol, drugs, smoking, etc.).

  4. To learn how to control your emotions thoughts and impulses.

  5. To adopt discipline and good self-management.

  6. To build new healthy habits.

  7. Retrain your brain.

Course will cover 

  • Definition and importance of self-control.

  • Anatomy & physiology of prefrontal cortex & dopamine pathways.

  • Brain under addiction.

  • Causes of self-control failure.

  • Relation of self-control to diet, stress, fear and procrastination.

  • New scientific strategies to strengthen self-control and to adopt a new healthy life style.

Who should attend

  • Medical professions.

  • People with discipline problems.

  • Patient with chronic diseases. DM, obesity, etc.

  • People with bad habits (smoking, alcohol, etc.).

  • People with all type of addictive behaviors.

  • People with poor Anger Management.

  • Parents.

Course Duration

2 days Course dated on:

February 7-8, 2020 | 08:00 to 17:00



Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery
Specialty in Family Medicine (MRCGP/UK)


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