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Smart healthcare Seminar

Friendly Young Doctor


Dr. Mazin Gadir

(PhD, MSc, BEng)
Senior Manager, Middle East Technology

8.50 CME

September 22, 2017


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Smart healthcare system, is an evolving domain in which practices are constantly changing to meet the demands of highly complex public health and health care delivery systems. whether it is, record management system, diagnostic system, physician order entry system or any hardware/software system related to healthcare, the intention is to build a system which will improve the degree of certain qualities or attributes such as availability, privacy, reliability, safety, security, and more over their non-intelligent counterparts. The typical definition for a variety of domains of informatics (e.g. clinical, medical, nursing, biomedical, health consumer, public health and population health) centers on the “application of information science and information relies on a technical view of the health system.

A technical view of informatics largely identifies more tangible products such as databases, decision-support tools, information systems, web portals, and mobile devices as the primary means of addressing complex health issues, improving care, and reducing health disparities.

As we enter a healthcare informatics and analytics era with terms like learning health systems, smart health systems, and adaptive complex health systems, it is essential that we understand the basic drivers of smart systems. Therefore, we must identify a common set of analytic measures and capabilities to inform our modeling, measuring, and managing of public health “smartness.” Such a set of measures must consider the full spectrum of sociotechnical factors that make up a healthcare system and shape performance, including, technical, organizational, and human contributions. This basic need to know and our corresponding effort to leverage data, information, and knowledge resources toward some individual or collective set of goals and objectives form the basic parameters of any smart system. In the context of a healthcare system, public health informatics professionals stand poised to redefine the benefit of smarter healthcare delivery and public health practice.

A common set of analytic measures and capabilities that can drive efficiency and viable models can demonstrate how incremental changes in smartness generate corresponding changes in public health performance. Together in this seminar we will go on a journey where we recall the first initiation of health informatics and where are we standing now.



Learning objectives

  • To make and overview of the evolving healthcare informatic system
  • To understand the complexity of healthcare data and tools used to generate it
  • To emphasis on the importance of the healthcare information and how huge it can become.
  • To understand the drivers of smart systems which support managing information and analytics.
  • To emphasis on the important of having unified tools for health informatics analytics.
  • To show the importance of analytics in Quality and excellency of healthcare performance
  • To explain how informatics and analytics can drive the healthcare system into evolving and inovation.

Seminar will cover

  • The evolving of health information management
  • The efficiency and effectiveness of health information gathering tools
  • Big data and future promises for better informatics and analytics.
  • The important of analytics in establishing quality and excellency
  • Using ignite thinking and analytic to achieve progress and induce innovation in healthcare.

Who should attend

Health informatic specialist, IT specialists, quality specialist, Doctors, nurses, technicians, radiologist, pharmacist,

insurance specialists,


Smart healthcare Seminar


September 22, 2017


07:30 to 20:10


Park Rotana Hotel | Abu Dhabi


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