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Smart healthcare Seminar II

"Tech in Medicine"

Friendly Young Doctor


Dr. Mazin Gadir

Consulting and Advisory
Healthcare Strategy and Digital Health Transformation Expert


Nov 23, 2018


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In our constantly advancing world of technology, humanity has reached heights only previously dreamed about. We have high definition photos of distant star systems, shrank microchips to the molecular level, Global communications happen at near instant speeds, and now we look to ourselves. From fighting a constant battle against the microscopic threats that make us sick, to healing our bodies from injury and deformity, we are changing the very nature of how we live and extending life spans longer than ever.

Join us for our SMART Health: Tech in Medicine seminar this November to see some of the latest advancements in Medical Technology. Prepare yourself for the world of tomorrow’s medicine.



Learning objectives

  • Showcase some of the latest technology in the field of medicine
  • Show up and coming advancements in the field of medicine
  • Show implementations of cutting edge technology
  • Benefits of technical advancements

Seminar will cover

  • Health Information Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence in medicine
  • 3D imagining and printing
  • Tele-medicine and robotic surgery

Who should attend

All healthcare providers


Smart healthcare Seminar II

"Tech in Medicine"


Nov 23, 2018


12:00 to 20:00


Fairmont Bab Al Bahr
Abu Dhabi


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