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World Tuberculosis Day

“It’s Time!”

Friendly Young Doctor


Dr. Jehad Abdalla, M.D

ID Consultant, Head of IPCC,
Al Rahba Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE


April 27, 2019

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Infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M.tb) is the precursor to TB disease, which is responsible for 1.5 million deaths each year—more than any other infectious disease. Once infected, the individual is at highest risk of developing TB disease within the first two years, but can remain at risk for their lifetime. The population carrying a latent TB infection (LTBI) is commonly quoted as “one-third” of the global population, a reservoir of approximately 2.3 billion individuals. As the global community-Lead by WHO- looks to meet ambitious targets for reduction (90% reduction in TB incidence by 2035) and even elimination of TB (less than 1 incident case per 1,000,000 per year) by 2050, our ability to address the LTBI reservoir will be critical in our chance to succeed. Other challenges are the MDR Tuberculosis that are rising up and casing lot of complication in managing and caring for the patient and the society.

As UAE healthcare system always adopt eagerly any united global strategies to end any threats on Human health, changes in polices for screening TB and treating LTB was one of the essential steps that have been taken recently. In This seminar based on the international TB day with a Theme saying (Its time), all chives of TB Mentoring and management are gathered here to address all the aspects of TB infection and control. Also there will be a guidance and explaining for all the networking and collaboration that have been adapted by SEHA and Abu Dhabi Department of Health.



Learning objectives

  • To Clarify the international effort to limit and control TB infection
  • To study the genotypes of Mycobacterial Tuberculosis in relations of the disease severity.
  • To address the risks of the emerged multi drug resistant (MDR) TB and efforts that should be taken to limit its distribution
  • To show the new polices of the public health in relation to managing LTB screening and monitoring
  • To emphasis on the methods of surveillance and monitoring healthcare facilities to prevent and control TB infection.
  • To study the guidelines and polices of TB and emphasis the effective collaboration with DOT clinics

Seminar will cover

  • Updates on the epidemiology of TB world wide
  • Latent studies about the genotypes of TB and its futures
  • Clinical aspects of TB and coinfection with other infectious agents
  • Latest methods of laboratory diagnosis and general comparison between other tests
  • Latent TB managing and efforts of SEHA in surveillance and control
  • Abu Dhabi department of Health regulations and guidelines

Who should attend

Infection diseases specializes

Clinical microbiologist




Public health specialties

Infection prevention and control candidates

Laboratory technicians

Occupational health officers

Medial engendering


World Tuberculosis Day

“It’s Time!”


April 27, 2019


09:00 to 18:30



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