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Dear Trainer/Speaker:

Thank you very much for cooperating with NAT Training and conference center. Your participation in aiding NAT center to provide valuable healthcare training is deeply appreciated and helps NAT to achieve the main goal of serving the most updated learning material to our attendees: medical specialists and various healthcare staff workers from all around UAE.

 In order to complete your program’s official application along with your program’s webpage, please fill up the following information:

Program's type:


Overview + objectives + program will cover + who should attend:

Is the Program repeated or on-going?


Provide days/dates

Please Attached the below files:

Speaker biography for website
Passport copy
Visa copy
Professional personal picture for promotions

Program agenda (download form, fill, attach form) see example

Agenda rules:

  • Assign one (1) hour for each training/teaching session

  • Assign ten (10) minutes discussion period after each session


  1. Training/teaching sessions start 17:00 and ends 22:00

  2. Assign twenty (20) minutes coffee break starting 18:10 to 18:30 and another ten (10) minutes between 20:40 to 20:50


  1. Training/teaching sessions start 14:00 and ends 22:00

  2. Assign thirty (30) minutes coffee break starting 15:30 to 16:00 and another one between 18:00 to 18:30

Attach form


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